Options for Future Lottery Pick Cade Cunningham

With Oklahoma State receiving a postseason ban for the 2020-2021 season the future of Cade Cunningham is now up in the air. The number one overall recruit in the Class of 2020 will now assess all his options for the upcoming season.

Cunningham was offered a contract by the NBA G-league estimated to be about the same price level as Jalen Green. Green decided a few months back that he would pass up on collegiate basketball for the G-league. Cunningham turned down this offer to commit to Oklahoma State primarily because his brother is an assistant coach for the team. The G-league is a continually growing interest from top recruits across the nation and could potentially be a solid landing spot for the 6-foot-6 point guard.

During his recruitment, Cunningham took official visits to Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Washington, prior to committing to Oklahoma State. With the possibility of transferring, it is plausible to believe that these schools will once again reach out to the Texas native. Due to Kentucky bringing in two 5-star recruits (both top-10 prospects in the class of 2020), North Carolina being full on scholarships, and Quade Green returning to Washington, it seems as if Florida would be the best fit based on their roster.

Cunningham is undoubtedly a one-and-done prospect. Knowing that he will be one-and-done could cause him to stay at Oklahoma State because whether or not he plays in March Madness will not affect his draft stock for the 2021 draft. And of course staying at Oklahoma State will allow him to be coached by his brother for a season which I’m sure is still very appealing to him.

I definitely do not see Cunningham going overseas next season since the G-league will give him the option to get paid while staying in the United States. If he accepts a contract to play in the G-league that would be HUGE for the league, as they would now have the top two players in the entire class of 2020 in the league.

With the future for Cade Cunningham being very up in the air at the moment, my prediction is that he will join forces with Jalen Green and play in the G-league next season.

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