Monday Mourning

Mondays suck and so does the world right now. In my 19 years of life, this is by far the lowest point I have ever seen society, and I hope that this will be the lowest point that I ever see it at. On top of living through a Global Pandemic…we have cops killing innocent black men, people burning down and looting businesses, houses, and churches. It is completely out of control and we undoubtedly need a change.

It may seem silly to even be talking about sports at this time but the world really does need sports back. Sports provide a platform for everyone to come together and in a time like this that is truly what we need. Every sports team has players of different races and backgrounds and every fanbase of each team is the same way. In sports everyone is equal. A lot of athletes are idolized by the youth of America for a lot of great reasons and without sports all these kids are seeing on TV is riots and murders. It’s just not right.

While the MLB is obviously struggling mightily to put together a season, we can only hope that the NBA really does resume on July 31st and that this fall we are able to watch the NFL along with collegiate sports that we all love. I understand sports are minuscule in the heat of everything going on but I believe it will give us some sort of normalcy back. We need to watch players like LeBron James, Mike Trout, and Patrick Mahomes to inspire us and to remind us of the greatness inside everyone. There is a way out of this thing, it will come to an end. For once in our lives we all have to be on the same team for that to happen.

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