Tough Time to be Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing might be the single best thing about Knicks basketball when you look back at the history of the franchise.  The Hall of Famer played for the Knicks for seventeen years, was an eleven time all-star, and was named an All-NBA player seven times.  Ewing is also a two time gold medal winner, earning one of them with the ‘92 “Dream Team”.  

Ewing is now the head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas men’s Basketball team and unfortunately thus far his playing success has not correlated to coaching.  In just three years of coaching at Georgetown, Ewing has had eight players transfer out of the school which is a very bad look for the program and will likely hinder the quality of players they will be able to attract for years to come.  


Perhaps the biggest loss for the program was Mac McClung, who announced that he will be transferring on May 13th.  McClung was a combo-guard who led the team in PPG this past season with 15.7 PPG.  His transfer out of Georgetown now means that there are no players from the 2018 recruiting class left in the program. This definitely raises questions to fans: is Patrick Ewing built to be a head coach of a collegiate basketball program? I definitely wouldn’t want him at the helm of my favorite team. 

In Ewing’s three years at Georgetown he has yet to win a Big East Tournament game, going 0-3 in his young coaching career.  Again, the question on whether he is truly suited for Big East basketball as a coach is something fans will ponder.  Of course you want to believe in the greatest alumni in the history of your program to be able to turn things around but maybe they should take a look at how that worked out for St. John’s with Chris Mullin.  Unfortunately, being a great player doesn’t necessarily make you a great coach.  

On top of all of the coaching struggles Ewing has had, on May 22nd he tested posted for the coronavirus.  It seems as if he is just continually taking punches in the gut over the last six months.

He chose to release his test results as a reminder to everyone that this virus can affect anyone, it does not discriminate.  At we wish Patrick Ewing a healthy recovery with the virus.

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